Unplug YYC - National Day of Unplugging March 9-10 2018

Last year we saw Arianna Huffington speak and she spoke of the moment (her jump point) when her most productive life came crashing down. She spoke about the rush we get from constant demands and the dose of adrenaline from getting your to-do list complete. She referred to her complete exhaustion, fainting in her home and the realization that 4 – 6 hours a night of sleep was nothing to brag about.

Have you experienced total exhaustion?

Do you feel anxious when there isn’t a demand on you?

Does your brain ever shut down or do you feel guilty for putting yourself in a time out?

“Though this is a global epidemic, the solutions Thrive Global will bring will be localized and rooted in the philosophy and ancient wisdom of different cultures and regions. In China, there’s Taoism and the philosophy of Yin Yang, which teaches usto go out to achieve and return inward to refuel. In Japan, there’s the aesthetic of Ma, about the awareness and appreciation of creating space in one’s life. In India, ther…

Dreaming of having a massage at work?

The benefits of having a wellness program at work are many, but by simply having a professional offer chair massage to you and your co-workers during work hours boosts morale, decreases stress hormones, you enjoy 15 minutes of quiet time but the massage is stimulating and invigorating.

The convenience of the registered massage therapists coming to your work while each person leaves their clothes on during the massage, allows for any office to offer this service within hours of operation. The therapist is registered, a receipt is offered per person for reimbursement or companies can expense this time as team building. The massage can be performed anywhere, any time and on pretty much anyone.

Bring Massage to the People:
Each person is scheduled for 15-30 minutes and will experience a combination of deep tissue, acupressure, stretching and percussion techniques. Our fancy mobile massage chair is used and the techniques bring warmth to the superficial tissue of the body and increase blo…

4 Ways to Live Injury Free - by Shelly MacGregor

Attention Weekend Warriors (defined as someone that works all week, usually sits a desk for more than 8 hours a day and when Friday arrives, they hit "go"!)

We have all heard the tale of how our friend tore their Achilles tendon while playing basketball, soccer, ultimate or simply jumping at Crossfit or the gym but they leave out the part this was their first game in months. Thankfully most often the injury is less dramatic, suffering from a strained ligament or tendonitis. These injuries usually occur in the ankles, hamstrings, low back or rotator cuff, rendering you inactive for a few days or up to a few weeks.

Would you like to know how to prevent this from happening to you?

1.Professional athletes prepare offseason to be their best during competitive bouts and you might consider this as a way to stay injury free as a weekend warrior. Simply, keeping your muscles moving during the week with low impact walking, easy runs, or a workout at the gym twice a week. This will gradua…


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“Self –Care” is the new black (the hottest trend, new fad or style of the moment) - by Shelly MacGregor

Shelly: Let’s be honest, there is nothing trendy with the idea of taking care of yourself.
It is not a fad to eat a balanced meal, sleep 8 hours or move your body in an attempt to care for yourself. What self-care is not, is another demand to keep up with society or even try to be better at it than your insta-followers.

As we move into the month of indulgence and celebrations I want to ask you: how do you describe self-care? Is self-care a simple bubble bath or lighting a candle at the end of the day to recognize your heart's gratitude? Most of us feel like our tank is empty at the end of the day, some would reflect and wonder when it was last full. We drain ourselves with to-do lists, external and internal pressures, demands, and time restraints; all while trying to be perfect or at least completing all we said we would.

Here are two great businesses helping us live a life of wellness. They offer one-on-one coaching or information about what it means to live with self-care in mind.…

Muscular System - by Sarah Gehrke, MSN, RN

It twists, it bends, it can cup, it helps suck. The tongue is an essential part of human anatomy. Many of us grew up believing the playful tongue is the strongest muscle in the body.
But, is it really?
There is no straightforward answer to this question. To understand the tongue’s strength and movement, it is necessary to first examine basic muscle anatomy, the muscular system’s relationship to the body, and disorders of the muscular system.
Balance of Body SystemsEvery movement in the body involves each body system. Without the active cooperation of the nervous, circulatory, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, immune, skeletal, and muscular systems, just to name a few, the body cannot create movement. Every system of the body overlaps and is interdependent.
Without the nervous system, it is impossible to coordinate the muscles of the body or to modulate the dilation of the blood vessels that supply the brain, heart, bones, or muscles with oxygen-rich blood.
Without the circulatory system, …

"Are you tired all the time? - 5 possible causes; try these 3 lifestyle changes and then seek medical advice" by Shelly MacGregor

Are you tired all the time? 

Make simple changes and then rule out serious illness:

You know that feeling when you wake up, get going and start asking “why am I tired I just got out of bed”? Or is it midday when you search for a sugar high to boost your energy because you can barely keep your eyes open? We have all felt like something needs to change because we feel tired every day. It is time to give yourself permission to try a few lifestyle changes for the next 3 weeks and if nothing changes, seek medical advice to rule out more serious illnesses (CFS, Depression, Anemia, Thyroid disease, Diabetes, Sleep Apnea to name a few from the website
The first thing we need to look at is why we might be feeling tired.

5 Causes:
·Less than 8 hours of sleep leaves us wanting more ·High fat foods make us feel tired minutes after consumption ·Highly processed foods disturb sleep patterns and they don’t provide the body with vitamin and minerals needed for a healthy lifestyle ·Lack of…